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Folliculitis Barbae or Sycosis barbae

We have a new case of ACNE infection with a new customer. It is known as Folliculitis or Sycosis Barbae or Pseudo folliculitis Barbae.

PFB is a chronic disease occurring in genetically predisposed individuals. It is precipitated by hair removal and characterized by itchy, painful papules, and pustules. It is seen in individuals with curly, thick hair, especially those of African and, to a lesser extent, Asian descent. Although it is commonly seen in the beard area, it can occur in other areas with terminal hairs that are frequently shaved. Paying close attention to hair grooming methods may reduce its occurrence. Topical steroids, retinoic acid, keratolytic, and antibiotics are useful adjuncts in management. Definitive therapy involves the removal of the hair follicle using lasers.

What are the signs and symptoms?

  • One or more small red, white, or yellow rash-like bumps around your hair follicles
  • Pus filled bumps that may break open and form a crust on your skin
  • Itching, pain, or redness on or around your hair follicles

In layman term, it is inflammation caused by hair growth. Bacteria accumulates and causes inflammation. When inflammation is not treated it develops into pigmentation and scars.

It is humorously illustrated below:

The curved shape of the hair follicle allows for the downward curvature and penetration of the growing hair tips into the skin. The onset of the foreign body reaction leads to itching and the development of papules, pustules, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, especially in the beard area.

Of all the possible treatments, Laser offers the safest and most effective alternative.
  1. It sanitizes – removes the dead skin, other debris that obstructs the hair follicle.
  2. It sterilizes any bacteria outside and inside the skin.
  3. The collagen production reduces the pore size, reduces sebum production and leaves little room for bacteria to survive and populate.
  4. Our laser process + hyaluronic mask is anti-inflammatory. The redness will subside.
  5. It reduces pigmentation through a selective photo thermolysis process.
  6. It reduces any scars through collagen production.
We have started treatment of this customer. I will report his results after 2 months.

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