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What is Sensitive Skin?

This occurs in up to 33% of the population. The experience ranges from subjective and perceptional (sensation of itching, stinging, or heat when coming into contact with cosmetics, creams, or even cleansers) to objective visible signs of redness and rashes.

Thankfully, by offering one of the top laser skin treatments in Vancouver, we can help you combat this.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

The underlying mechanism is an increased sensitivity of nerves, blood vessels, and the immune system of the skin to normal external stimuli such as weather, skincare products, and food. The increased sensitivity of the nerves, blood vessels, and immune system can be caused by an underlying pathology. In rosacea, it may be due to parasitic (Demodex folliculorum) invasion and overpopulation. In seborrheic dermatitis, it is due to fungal invasion and overpopulation.

Common external stimuli that may trigger an amplified immune response in sensitive skin include air pollutants, changes in environmental temperatures, heat and perspiration, cosmetics, fragrances, dyes or lanolin in facial products, certain fabrics, mild trauma, and occasionally, food.

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How Does our QCS (Laser Treatment) Help with Sensitive Skin?

It sanitizes, sterilizes, stabilizes, and stimulates collagen. (SSSS). It is a deep cleaning process.

Our QCS Works Like This:
  • Laser sanitizes: Reduces antigens on the skin by vaporizing dirt, dust, debris, and deposits that are trapped in the pores and upper layers of the skin (epidermis).
  • Laser sterilizes: Kills microorganisms that are associated with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis.
  • Laser stabilizes immune activities
    • Modulates neuronic activities
    • Repairs nerve endings and nerve sensitivity is modulated. It calms it down to a homeostatic state
    • Blocks excessive neuronic signals and action potentials.

Our experience, as shown by the case studies listed below, indicates that over a period of repeated treatments and home-based product usage, the itching will gradually reduce, disappear, and skin sensitivity is controlled.

Managing Sensitive Skin Syndrome is no easy or short journey. It requires patience, persistence, and perseverance (PPP).

If you’re searching for laser therapy for rosacea near you, or you have any other skin sensitivity issue, we invite you to test out QuikLaser to experience noticeable results.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a very common sensitive skin condition. It is genetic and is associated with other conditions of immune oversensitivity that affect our quality of life.

It is characterized by patches of itchy, red, inflamed skin that can blister, become infected, and become dry and thickened over time.

The cycle of itch-scratch-itch keeps eczema chronic, recurring, and relapsing. QuikLaser offers an effective treatment for eczema in Vancouver. To find out more about the eczema treatment near you, give us a call.

Are There Different Types of Eczema?

Yes, there are different types of eczema. They are as follows:

  • Contact dermatitis (caused by contact with irritants; inflammation goes away when the irritant is removed)
  • Dyshidrotic dermatitis (affects the hands and feet; more common in women)
  • Nummular dermatitis (dry patches during the winter months on the legs; more common in men)
What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by small, red, pus-filled bumps that appear on the skin during a flare-up. Usually, you’ll find this is present on the forehead, cheeks, and/or nose.

For most people, you’ll have a flare-up, it will disappear, and then it will come back.

Some of the things that might cause your rosacea to flare up include spicy food, drinking hot coffee/tea, having a growth of intestinal bacteria, having skin mites, or having an undiagnosed skin infection.

QuikLaser offers an effective treatment for rosacea in Vancouver.

Are there Different Types of Rosacea?

Yes, there are different types of rosacea. They are as follows:

  • Subtype one: facial flushing, visible blood vessels, and redness
  • Subtype two: acne-like breakouts that most often affect middle-aged women
  • Subtype three: thickening of the skin on the nose that most often affects men
  • Subtype four: redness around the eyes

You can find out more about our rosacea treatment in Vancouver and other options for rosacea treatment near you by giving us a call and speaking to one of our experts.

After first treatment – visible results after first treatment of 40 minutes

Unfortunately, this result will not last because the underlying pathogens are reduced but not eliminated. It will come back – recur and relapse.

It was only after 5 treatments or 18 Laser + Masks cycle ( QCS) or the Eczema is being controlled. She only comes in occasionally like once every 1-2 months for maintenance. She does not need any make up or foundation anymore.

Here is her result after more than 1 year with periodic maintenance.

** The average QCS per treatment is 5 and it takes about 40 minutes. Thus, 38 QCS is about 7 visits.

Patient is an architect. She must have caught some allergies somewhere.

Our dermatologist initially tried all kinds of treatments including Steroids but it does not heal.

We did multiple QCS ( cycles ) for more than 2 hours per sessions and consecutively for 4 days. Our QCS special Healing Setting was able to heal the allergic reaction fast.

It shows that our Treatment protocols are gentle and effective and have extended time during the treatment process. The laser will NOT injure the skin if the settings are correctly executed.

Our healing settings is the only laser in the market that can handle sensitive skin like this.

Today, she is one of the top models for the business. What a transformation? Is it a miracle? No, it is basic medical science.

This customer emigrated from Indonesia

Her condition was quite bad – itchy, redness and cannot sleep at night.

We found out that she was prescribed strong steroid by a doctor in Vancouver. She was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from steroid. Steroid has the property of helping you short term but may suffer from serious side effects if not administered properly.

After extended frequencies and treatments for almost 4 months, her condition was Cleaned, Cleared and Controlled. She only come back once every few months for maintenance.


Our Laser Treatment Protocols is eminently suitable for sensitive skin problems. It addresses the root of the problem caused by microorganism and pathogens.

We are one of the few places that you can get healing without side effects of prescribed medication like steroids ( often used by doctors and dermatologist ).

It is safe, effective and natural.

We’re confident in the beautiful results of our clarifying laser facial.
And we have a feeling you’ll love it.