the next generation

of laser treatments has arrived

Our revolutionary treatment took the beauty world by storm overseas, and now it’s ready for you.

All The Rage

The beauty community has long been gushing over the dewy glow they’ve found after experiencing a laser treatment. However, it’s always been considered an expensive investment.

Then we arrived on the scene to shake things up. Not only is our clarifying laser facial revolutionary in terms of non-ablative laser treatments, it’s only a fraction of the cost of other laser treatments. It’s gentle, quick, and perfect for those with a busy schedule.

It was our mission to make beautiful, clear and bright skin accessible to everyone.

Looking for an instant refresh you can feel?
All you need is 30 minutes.

From your first appointment, you’ll see the results in the mirror immediately. Your treatment will instantly leave you with greater clarity, radiance and smoothness. 

Bigger skin issues holding you back? Making our treatment a part of your beauty regimen offers stunning results you’ll love.

Pairing healthy skin habits with our clarifying laser facials has helped thousands to combat their skin woes. Our treatment works to battle acne scars, signs of aging, uneven skin tones, sunspots and oily complexion. If your skin needs extra care, let’s talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re glad you asked! Our clarifying laser treatment instantly clears away impurities by vaporising dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin from the skin’s surface. It also shrinks oil glands, so pores become smaller and skin becomes less prone to acne over time. For a brighter complexion, our laser breaks up melanin to instantly lighten your skin pigmentation. And of course, it stimulates collagen production, leaving you with firmer, fuller skin.

First, we’ll sit down with you for a quick consultation to get a sense of your skin’s history and what you’re looking for. Then we’ll clean your skin, introduce you to the laser for a minute, and finish with a HHH (Healing, Hydrating, Hyaluronic Acid) mask for 5 minutes. You will be ready to walk out the door with clear, glowing skin in no more than 15 minutes!

No. It just produces a tingling sensation that is noticeable but not painful.

We’ve placed strict safety parameters on our treatment protocols and machine settings to ensure it’s super gentle on the skin. Of course, lasers are quite powerful and they can burn. We’re confident in our claim that our treatment protocol is the safest of any laser facial around.

Right away, you’ll leave with an instant glow. Quiklaser has helped provide beautiful results for thousands of customers across the globe. During your first appointment, we will sit down with you to discuss your expectations and the results experienced by our many customers with various treatment frequencies. With this we offer 3 trails of 30 minutes at a deep discount for you to see the results first hand. You will see visible results in Clarity, Glow, Radiance, and Smoothness ( CRRS ) after the 3 visits. We can do a review and you can make a decision on a longer-term treatment program.

Regular Quiklaser sessions have become part of the beauty regime and lifestyle of our many fans. Just like going to the gym, results from our treatments are not one-off but are cumulative. Maintenance treatments allow positive results to build upon one another, protecting your skin from the wear and tear of an urban lifestyle and natural ageing.

Continued treatments stimulate your skin to boost collagen and fortify it to become less sensitive. With time, this regular workout for your skin will improve its health and fitness, training your skin to become more supple, smooth, and beautiful all on its own. Your skin becomes stronger and more resilient with every session.

Some skin issues benefit from short periods of high-frequency treatments. We’ll be happy to sit down and discuss this with you.

No, there’s no downtime at all. Our protocols are so gentle and safe, you can even have sessions done one after another

Our laser treatments do not give out UV radiation. They do not thin your skin or make it more sensitive. Therefore, they do not make your skin more susceptible to UV damage from the sun. However, we do recommend that you make it a habit to wear sunscreen on a daily basis.

Absolutely! Our treatments are perfectly safe for expectant mothers and their babies. Our laser does not penetrate beyond a few millimetres into the skin and does not enter the blood stream.

Our treatment is safe for almost everyone.
However, you shouldn’t book a treatment if any of the following applies to you:

  • Photosensitivity or photo-allergy
  • Presence of cardiac pacemaker
  • History of epilepsy (fits, seizures)
  • History of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions anywhere on the body
  • History of surgical thread-lift (metallic strings inserted in the face)
  • Active facial skin infections (includes current active herpes simplex virus infection such as open, non-healed cold sores)
  • Active facial skin inflammation (includes current severe eczema on the face)
  • Current facial sunburn
  • Vitiligo
  • Psoriasis of the face
  • Any non-Quiklaser facial treatments done within the last 4 weeks (e.g. Fraxel treatment, micro-needling, chemical peels, IPL treatments)
  • Facial tattoos (these are a contraindication for our treatment, except for eyebrow tattoos – which are fine, as we routinely shield eyebrows during treatment)

You may book a treatment with us if you have facial piercings, but you will be required to remove any facial jewelry and highlight to us the locations where any metallic facial jewelry have been previously used.

Customer safety is what matters most to us. All of our laser operators have undergone thorough clinical training under the close supervision of our medical team from Singapore and by Dr. Goh himself, one of the world leaders in aesthetic medicine. Our machines are certified and approved by Health Canada, FDA, USA, and all our operators are certified in machine operations and safety.

Still have questions or concerns?

We’re confident in the beautiful results of our clarifying laser facial.
And we have a feeling you’ll love it.