Our philosophy:

Natural radiance

We are revolutionising the way you cleanse your skin. You’re only ever 15 minutes away from a brighter complexion that glows.

Moisturising and Moisturisers

The skin is a structural, functional barrier to hundreds of diseases and invaders, which can be chemical, physical, biological, or even immunological in nature.

Skin cells–like most cells–are made up mostly of water; it is intrinsic to both the skin’s structural integrity and functional capacity

As skin is constantly exposed to the air and environment, moisture loss is one of its most common threats.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Why Use Hyaluronic Acid in LLLS products ?

The most effective and fast-acting skincare products are prescription-level topical steroids, antibiotics or retinoic acid. Some of these take effect within an hour, some need a month to demonstrate real effectiveness, but all require a doctor’s consultation and prescription.

Non-prescription products are only effective for sunscreen and moisturising — any claims beyond this are merely hype.

We’re confident in the beautiful results of our clarifying laser facial.
And we have a feeling you’ll love it.