Laser Cleaning Face Wash

Full size: 1 bottle • (120ml)CAD$38
Travel size: 1 bottle • (15ml)                   CAD$15

Cleanse off overlying dirt, debris and oil while getting an extra boost of moisturisation.The Laser Cleaning Face Wash formulation contains non-animal sourced Hyaluronic Acid  and omits harsh ingredients such as alcohol and astringents (calamine, witch hazel, sage,etc.) that may potentially dry and irritate the skin after a laser treatment.All our skincare products are used with real patients who have undergone a laser facial treatment procedure. Our custom formulas are designed to work with and enhance the effects of laser treatments. 

Key Features

  • Non-animal sourced Hyaluronic Acid
  • No added alcohol and astringents

Available in store

A simple, water-based gel lotion that contains water-binding humectants (non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid + glycerin) anti-inflammatory ingredients (allantoin).

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