Summer is just around the corner. This means SPF, tan lines, and bikinis. Although summer is the happiest time of the year when we can show off our glowing skin, it is also the time when we have to provide maximum care and protection to our skin from more exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. 

The summer sun can be quite dangerous. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage skin cells, lead to premature skin ageing, and increase the risk of skin cancer. 

Thankfully, SPF can protect from the wrath of the mighty sun and premature ageing skin. Although SPF or sunscreen protection is an excellent preventative measure to keep your skin looking its best—it’s not the only solution to keeping your skin youthful. 

In this article, we’ll shed more light on the most effective ways you can prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines during the hottest season of the year. 

Protect Yourself From The Sun 

Avoid staying in the sun during peak hours — 10 am to 4 pm. 

The sun is strongest at these hours and can wreak havoc on your skin. Stay indoors, or if you have to be out, try to stay in the shade as possible. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect from forehead wrinkles

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is common during peak summer season because the body loses water through constant sweating to keep cool. 

Increase your water intake to replenish the water content in your body—after all, our cells need water to perform almost all functions. Carry a bottle of water everywhere you go and take sips every 30 minutes. You can also eat more fruits high in water content such as watermelons, mangos, plums, blueberries and oranges. 

Use Moisturizers And Serums

The summer heat can dehydrate your skin. If you develop oily skin during summer, it is a good indicator your skin is suffering from dehydration.

As a result, your skin may soon develop premature horizontal forehead wrinkles and fine lines all over your face. Moisturizers and serums can help you beat the heat during peak summer days.

They will not just hydrate but also refresh and revitalize your skin and prevent premature wrinkle formation. To kill two birds with one stone, you can opt for a two-in-one, a moisturizer and sunscreen. 

Eat Vitamin-Rich Food

Eating a vitamin-rich diet is essential not just during the summer season but all year round. 

During the summer months, the body needs more energy to regulate a cooler body temperature to beat the heat. Luckily, the summer season allows for a more varied diet, including seasonal fruits and veggies rich in vitamins and essential nutrients. 

Vitamin A prevents skin ageing and is an essential vitamin during the summer season. Since the ultraviolet rays damage skin cells, lack of vitamin A can lead to wrinkles and fine lines much earlier than naturally expected. 

Eat foods rich in vitamin A such as broccoli, chards, zucchini, melons, grapefruit, watermelons, fish oil, and more to prevent your skin from premature ageing. 

Vitamin C is another important vitamin to prevent dryness of skin and the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, green and red peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is naturally produced in the body as a direct response to sunlight. Keeping high levels of vitamin D, especially when the body finds it difficult to synthesize it on its own, is important during summer. You can eat foods like dairy, fish oil, seafood, mushrooms to get your daily dose of vitamin D from food sources. 

Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect that keeps your skin and hair healthy. Consuming nuts and nut oils as salad dressings, chard, garlic, asparagus will maintain your vitamin E levels in check. 

Treatment Option: Continued Clarifying Laser Facials

A clarifying laser facial right before summer is the perfect wrinkle treatment to exfoliate and remove dead cells from your skin. Clarifying laser facials are essentially the perfect skin prep for the summer season. No matter how invasive or non-invasive it is, any wrinkle treatment should always be done in a professional clinic to avoid damaging the skin. 

Quiklaser employs cutting-edge laser treatment technology that vaporizes dirt, sweat and dead skin from the skin’s surface, minimizing pores and lightening uneven skin tones. You can get your clarifying laser facial in under 15 minutes and get that natural radiance you deserve. Quiklaser has been around for many years, constantly proving its excellence in skin treatments. You can book an appointment by calling (604) 428-7845 or via the contact form on our website.